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>The OG BL tagpacker contains a list of OG BL novels to browse through, all with a minimum 15k word count.<

* novels marked with an asterisk contain mature (18+) content!

* dao of the salted fishbafflinghazecultivation / slice of lifecg / sh
* fox firekitty_chansupernaturalwn / tapas
heaven's golden fingerBarbara_Dorancultivation / transmigrationwp
* heavenly soulcrimson_carnationcultivationsh
how to survive the worst novel ever writtenPhoebe_Wilkescomedy / historical fictiontapas
life is a gameowllitrpg / vrrmorpgcg
* memories of the palaceletsplaydominosabo / historicalcg / ao3
* moon theoryyiyuehuaABO / apocalypsecg / tapas
* playing the victimsbethworthingtonmystery / transmigrationwp
salvation of the scum fifth princelukiyo_224western fantasy / transmigrationsh
shameless transmigration: i turned everyone on!matchamilkharem / transmigrationsh / wn
* sweet devilRS_Vaesenmodern fantasycg / tapas
* teaming up with system 225Maku's Cornerfantasy / quick transmigrationcg / tapas
* the black saint is my stalker!valiantxvillainousmodern fantasycg / tapas
the demon and the elfChocolateAndTfantasy / dramawp / tapas
* the grandmaster's weird discipleowlcultivation / martial artssh
* to capture a snake godlinshuieastern fantasywn